Yvonne Börjesson, Designer Furniture & Design Studio | Marais
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Centre Optique Audio Marais, Paris
The Centre Optique & Audio was appointed finalist in Paris Shop&Design 2012

The responsible architect missioned Yvonne Börjesson to create seats for the lounge area as well as the boutique in this Optique & Audio center in Marais, Paris.

Yvonne designed a playful pattern to be embossed in the white leather, which gives the seats a character. The seats them selves have different shapes and sizes and are put together with a small oval tabouret made in metallic shades, inspired from the minerals from old time glass production.
Like this the lounge seats are chic, very modern in white but not cold, it is important to bring warmth in a waiting area Yvonne believes.
The group of seats can be put together as a mobile sofa or the be placed separately.
For the audio room where the patients shall test the hearing Yvonne wanted the room to feel cosy and warm «to create a relaxing non medical» ambience.
The sound isolating wall panels are upholstered with a warm textured textile to create this ambience.